This webspace is to provide information on James Fothergill-Brown

James’ artistic bent is hard to pin down and his character has been described by some as “like an onion”, so this space is designed in ongoing fashion to help give some insights and break down the layers.

This website has started February 2019, and in its current form is designed as an outline as its form/function is developed.

James is seeking entry-level employment as an audio artist, for sound recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. His music experience and education spans 20 years across a variety of projects in numerous fields.

He currently lives in the Comox Valley in British Columbia, having just moved from Tahsis at start 2019. He moved to Tahsis from Montreal in January 2012. 3 years were spent between Gatineau (Hull) and Calgary before then. James lived and grew with his parents Ann M. & Ronald J. in Low, Quebec through most of his youth after spending his childhood in Kanata, Ontario.

Before music, James was more interested in writing short stories, plays, and poked about writing novels though has since settled more on poetry. His themes have always been intense, generally designed to invoke sublime and /or chilling sensations from direct confrontation on issues of severe consequence. Most of his writing has been lost.

The silviculture industry has provided James with mostly enjoyable and somewhat steady/comfortable employment over the last decade. James has planted over 2 million trees from Manitoba to British Columbia, with many thousands in Scotland

James is very technically-minded and has worked technical support and quality assurance jobs when living in Montreal. He’s also been employed in kitchens, finding no small pleasures helping family-run businesses.

Today James is employed as a Carpenter’s Helper for a family-run business based out of Cumberland, B.C. With practice, coming after years of mostly casual experience, James is confident he’d be able to build a sturdy home of his own someday.

In the meantime, James’ priorities have been on his music. The many projects in Tahsis that James lead was a recent blessing. Some of that work is suggested at over at http://www.nootkasounds.com, which is a site / project James also designs. Though the temporal nature of music leaves mostly a memory, as many of the best moments have gone without a record.

It is with hope through this page that some better record-keeping might be made.

James also enjoys pro wrestling.